Surf G04 Martinez & Vasquez – Battle for the WIN!!!

“Congratulations to BOTH Surf Flight 1 G04 Championship Game Teams.

Both Coach Vasquez’ and Coach Martinez’ were undefeated heading into the final game of the 2017 Anaheim Surf Winter Classic. The game was a stalemate until midway through the second half, when Martinez’ Captain Grace Ingalls scored off a corner kick launched by Scarlett Ortiz. (Ingalls scored 6 goals in the tournament.) Within minutes Vasquez’ player Emma Munoz answered, scoring a banger from the corner of the 18. The game went to overtime; 1:1. Martinez’ team won in OT, 3:1. Munoz’ shot would be the solo goal of the tournament against Keeper Marbely Puga and her defense; Captain Ayleen Jimenez, Leah Ferris, Abbi Ingalls, Kendall Bettis, Morgan Delgadillo, & Carmen Lopez. What an outstanding battle between two well-coached teams who well represented their club: Go Anaheim Surf!”