State Cup Presidents Finalists – G04 Vasquez!!

Congratulations OC Surf G04 Vasquez

for battling their way to the 2018 Cal South President’s Cup finals! The girls 04 division started with 98 teams, but after three weekends, eight well-deserved wins and a lot of fantastic soccer, OC Surf was prepared for their final match against Slammers FC.

Seventy minutes passed with neither team scoring. Twenty more minutes of overtime didn’t change the 0-0 stalemate.  Notably, OC Surf was the first team in the tournament to deny Slammers a goal. Nerves ran high as penalty kicks would soon decide the winner.  Unfortunately, the opponent prevailed 4-3, ending OC Surf’s bid for the championship.

“Our team didn’t win a single league game a year ago and look at them now,” Said Coach Jose Vasquez. “I couldn’t be more proud of these girls.” Coach Vasquez has deservedly earned the respect of his team, the parents and the OC Surf organization for his proven leadership.

With momentum gaining, OC Surf looks forward to seeing many more significant accomplishments from this hard-working and talented team!