Way to go G2005!!!!

Our G2005 Anaheim Surf team headed to SD Surf Cup with the hopes of just playing some good soccer against very tough competition.  

We were placed in the toughest group with the worst schedule.  Day 1 was 7:40am against Del Mar Sharks ECNL team and 5pm against SoCal Blues ECNL Team. Our girls played great first half’s and poor second half’s but earned a 3-0 win versus Sharks and a 0-0 tie against Blues which we had many scoring chances.  Sunday we played a complete game and won 4-0 against East Bay out of NoCal winning the Bracket outright. In the Semifinals we drew Arsenal ECNL and played our best match of the weekend but just couldn’t get the winning goal in the second half after numerous chances so we headed to Pk’s.  We made 4 out of 5 and advanced to the final. The final didn’t go well for us as we didn’t get our game going losing 2-1 to Beach FC DPL….although we could have used VAR as we watched two balls appear to cross the line late in the second half.  That’s soccer and the Beach team earned the win.

Overall a GREAT Weekend for our girls as we played our best soccer in the last 6 months.  Could not be more proud of them as a coach.