Rules – Winter Classic



Anaheim Surf Soccer Club would like to welcome the players, coaches, referees, parents, and friends to our annual Anaheim Surf Winter Classic tournament and thank everyone for attending. Below is the necessary information and rules regarding the tournament:

For a downloadable copy of the 2017 Winter Classic Rules CLICK HERE

This Class I and Class III tournament is open to all Boys & Girls U9B – U15 (2010-2003) teams from CYSA (Cal South) and all teams affiliated with USSF. Qualifying applications will be accepted on a first-come first-serve basis. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any application. All applications with appropriate payment that are received prior to the tournament registration deadline will be accepted until the tournament is sold out due to field limitations.

Please visit our website at for the latest tournament news, updates, or information. An on-line version of the rules can be found on the tournament site.

 Tournament Check-In

  • Tournament Check-In will be at your assigned field one hour prior to your first match
  • It is the team’s responsibility to ensure it is registered in the correct age group for the tournament. The tournament is using the current 2017-2018 season age groups.
  • Preprinted tournament game cards with team rosters will be provided at check-in. Modifications to the roster can only be made at check-in on Saturday morning and are final for the tournament. No additions to the roster are allowed once check-in is complete.
  • All Cal South registration (Medical Release) forms and player passes will be checked against the official team roster. Any final changes to the roster can be made at that time.
  • No player may compete in the Tournament on more than one team.
  • AYSO teams with AYSO player cards are accepted. Players from AYSO or non-USSF affiliated organization playing as a guest for a Cal South competitive club team must have a valid Cal South player card to play.
  • For all subsequent games, the team will check in with the Field Marshal 15-30 minutes prior to the start of the game.
  • All players must have valid, properly laminated player passes for the current season (2017-2018) and they will be checked prior to the start of each game.
  • Players without a valid player pass at the start of any game will not be allowed to participate.


  • FIFA rules as modified by USYSA and CYSA-South.
  • No Protests will be allowed, all decisions of the referees are final
  • The Tournament Director will resolve any situation not explicitly covered in the rules
  • Please inform Field Marshal of any problems prior to completion of the match.
  • U9 and U10 (2010-2008) play 7 vs. 7 on a short-sided field.
  • U11 and U12 (2007-2006) play 9 vs. 9
  • U13-U15 (2003-2005) will play 11 vs. 11

Home Team Responsibility

  • The first team listed on the schedule is the Home team.
  • The Home team has choice of field side. Both teams occupy the same sideline.
  • In case of color conflicts, the Home team will change to an alternate uniform.
  • The Home team will have choice of kickoff or which goal to defend.
  • The Home team will supply the match ball, subject to referee approval.


  • Substitution by a team shall be unlimited but only with the permission of the referee.
  • Substitutions may be made by both teams, with the consent of the referee, at any stoppage of play.
  • When a player injured on the field requires attention, they must be substituted off the field of play, if only briefly.
  • Substitution shall be made at midfield within (10) yards of the halfway line. The substitute player shall not enter the field of play until allowed by the referee and the player substituted has left the field of play.

 Match Length

Division U9 U10 U11 U12 U13 U14 U15 Halftime
Preliminary 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 5
Finals 50 50 60 60 70 70 70 5