Anaheim Surf 
2017 ANNUAL Soccer-thon for Field Equipment!!

Soccer-thon is at the Gym, Chapman University
August 11-12th
6:30 p.m. – 7:00 a.m.volunteer-sign-up

SOCCER-THON  Ask any returning player and they will tell you that the Soccer-thon is a ton of fun! Players, Parents and siblings are invited to watch and/or participate in games. The soccer-thon is played in the gym at Chapman University from 6:30pm to 7am. Players are placed on teams and play 20-minute games every 2-hours approximately. Everything is supervised by parents and coaches. This is a good time to get volunteer hours for parents. The kids can rest in the wrestling room inside the gym. There is a snack bar available the entire time so the kids can keep up their strength for the games. At about 6am the final game is played to determine the Soccer-thon Champion.

Parking:  Everyone should buy a parking permit when parking at Chapman.

*Soccer-thon Commemorative T-Shirt: Families and businesses will have their names printed on the back of the soccer-thon T-shirt by filling out the attached form and taking advantage of the sponsorship opportunities listed below.

Surf players attending the event will receive an “I Survived Soccer-thon shirt”  (first come first serve, quantity and size is limited)
Additional I Survived Soccer-thon Shirts will be for sale at the snack bar beginning at 7:30 – $10 each 

Deadline to get your name/business logo on a shirt is July 28th.  Form, Money and Artwork must be turned in by July 28th.  


  • Receive your company/family name on our Anaheim Surf Soccer-thon T-shirt, worn by at least 350 players.


  • Receive your company/family name on our Anaheim Surf Soccer-thon T-shirt, worn by at least 350 players many of whom frequent your businesses.
  • Advertising on our club website for the 2014-2015 Fall season.

GOLD SPONSOR – $500.00

  • Receive your company/family name/Logo on our Anaheim Surf Soccer-thon T- shirt, worn by at least 350 players, many of whom frequent your businesses.
  • Year round advertising on a page on our club website for the 2017-2018 Fall season (Sept-Feb)

 Forms and donations must be received by Friday, July 28th in order to have your name/business logo on the back of the T-shirts.

Click on forms below to open
Pledge Form 2017 (Player Pledge Form)

SoccerThon Fundraiser info (Soccer-thon Family/Business Sponsorship Info and forms)

  (Sign ups are for both Friday & Saturday- If we do not get enough Sign ups, this event times will be changed)

Volunteer:  In order to make this a fun, safe and successful fundraising event, we will need about 70 volunteers from all teams to sign up for their teams allotted shifts.  Shifts and Donations vary from 3 to 5 hours.  Please make sure you include your email and contact number when signing up.

volunteer-sign-upWhat You Should Know For the Event…

Player Snack Bar Accounts  Parents/players may sign up for a snack bar “bank account” at the snack bar anytime during the event. Parents or players can make a deposit at the snack bar of up to $20. Players can purchase an item and the cost will be deducted from their account. This service allows kids the freedom to buy whatever they want without having to worry about holding their money or finding their parents. At the end of the event, it will be the parent or player’s responsibility to close his/her account. We will not have the resources to  track people down after the event to return money.

Special Note  Everyone in the club is invited to participate  This is a great way for the players and parents in the club to get to know one another. Immediate family members (siblings, parents) are invited to play as well.

Check-in  There will be a check-in table located on the South side of the Gym. If you park in the parking structure and come up the south stairs, you will easily find us. Every player is required to check in and receive a wrist band. The wrist band will be your ticket to a complimentary meal at the times designated on the Snack Bar schedule. The badge and wrist band must be worn the entire time you are at the Soccer-thon. All players with the exception of those 16 years of age and older will need to be checked in and out by an adult.  Players will not be allowed to come and go.

Player Information  All players should wear tennis shoes or soccer flats.  No one will be allowed in gym with cleats.  Shin guards are optional. It is recommended to bring extra socks and a change of clothes if you plan on playing all night.  Sibling and Parent Teams will be schedule in game times.  There is no need to sign up for Sibling or Parent teams.

Check-out  Please confirm at check-in the approximate time your child will be picked up if they are not staying for the entire event. All players must check out with the facility monitor stationed at the north exit of the gym. This is a safety/security request that we respectfully ask you honor.

Security  Security measures have been set in place to keep the kids in the gym and safe. Parent volunteers will be stationed all around the gym including areas with exits. Please share with your child that they are not to leave the gym for any reason unless accompanied by an adult. All players must be checked out before going home.  Eddie will have a meeting with all in attendance around 6:30 to go over the rules with the kids.  This is an Anaheim Surf event and is not meant for friends and/or outside guest. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Rest Area  This is an area designed for players to quietly play or rest during the event. Players may bring sleeping bags and pillows, cards or games.  Sports balls will NOT be allowed in gym.

Snack Bar  The snack bar will have food and beverages available throughout the evening. There will be a designated meal time for Surf Players at the event. The club will provide a complimentary slice of pizza and drink to Anaheim Surf players at 8:00 p.m. These food items will also be available for purchase. The snack bar will have a variety of beverages which include Gatorade, water.  Candy, nutritional snacks, hot dogs, nachos, chips, cookies etc. will also be available to purchase. The snack bar will stop selling all food with the exception of donuts at 5:00 a.m.  If you have something that you would like to donate to the snack bar please contact us ASAP,