Anaheim Surf’s
Annual Soccerthon for Field Equipment

Ask any returning player and they will tell you that the Soccerthon is a ton of fun! Players, Parents and siblings are invited to watch and/or participate in games.  The soccerthon is played in the gym at Chapman University from 6:30pm to 7am.  There’s a snack bar, T-shirts, sponsors… you name it!  All proceeds go toward upgrading/replacing field equipment.  Everything is supervised by parents and coaches (which makes this a good time to get in your volunteer hours).   Players are placed on teams and play 20-minute games every 2-hours approximately.  The kids can rest in the wrestling room inside the gym in between games, hit the snack bar, or just hang with their teammates!    At about 6am the final game is played to determine the Soccerthon Champion.