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$120 covers your first 7 Tickets. Football Mania is a fundraiser surrounding American Football…the NFL……Each Card is sold for $20.00 and is good for each week of the season. Game cards contain 3 random teams in each of the 17 weeks of the pro football season (you get 3 new teams each week). Every week, the 8 highest scoring game cards, and the 3 lowest scoring cards, all win prizes. In addition, two grand prizes are awarded at the end of the season. There are 4,960 unique game cards, each of which has a minimum 1 in 26.7 chance to win a prize during the season. 5 Cards sold per Player. Last year ticket holders won over $3500 total. Football Mania Tier: First 7 cards sold per player, 100% of proceeds will be kept by player (assuming all fundraising dues are paid). 8+ cards sold per player, $7.00 per card sold is credited to each players account when money is collected.

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Video on how Football Mania works

Materials to help you sell tickets  Sellers Guide